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New Publications

Historic Tax Credits: Bringing New Life to Older Communities (PDF) (August 2017)

SBA's Certified Development Company/504 Loan Program: Small Businesses' Window to Wall Street (PDF) (June 2017)

School-Based Bank Savings Programs: Bringing Financial Education to Students (PDF) (March 2017)

Multifamily Housing Preservation: Innovative Partnerships (March 2017)

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Home Loan Guaranty Program (January 2017)

Housing Financing in Indian Country: Spotlight on HUD's Title VI Program (September 2016)

FHLB Government Mortgage-Backed Security Program (PDF) (July 2016)

Rural Housing Service Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program (PDF) (July 2016)

Financing Health Care Centers: Supporting Community Wellness (June 2016)

FHA's 203(b) Purchase Money Loan Guarantee Program (PDF) (March 2016)

Commercial Lending in Indian Country: Potential Opportunities in a Growing Market (PDF) (February 2016)

Financial Literacy Update 

Learn about upcoming events, initiatives, and education resources related to financial literacy in this bi-monthly newsletter.

Archived Issues

Fact Sheets 

Get the key facts on innovative products and services, investment vehicles, and government programs and initiatives related to community development and consumer banking.                             

Insights Reports 

Learn about products, services, and initiatives focused on investments, and services aimed at traditionally-underserved markets segments. Each Insights discusses how selected products or initiatives operate, why they might be of interest to other banks, and associated risks or regulatory considerations.

Archived Issues

Community Developments 

This e-zine captures the creative ideas of bankers and community development practitioners investing in community development, and identifies common features that can be applied to other investments. It presents investment opportunities in the OCC Districts, and provides links to related resources, including the OCC's public welfare investment authority (12 CFR 24).

Archived Issues


Community Development Spotlights

These publications focus on safe and sound approaches to community development financing and facilitating financial accessibility to underserved communities and consumers.

Archived Issues

Related News and Issuances
Publish DateIdentifierTitle
01/25/2018  NR 2018-6, Agencies to Give Favorable Community Reinvestment Act Consideration to Revitalization Activities in Disaster Areas Affected by Hurricane Maria
11/02/2017  NR 2017-133, Acting Comptroller Discusses Efforts to Promote Lending and Investment in Distressed Communities
10/12/2017  OCC 2017-40, Community Reinvestment Act: Impact of Evidence of Discriminatory or Other Illegal Credit Practices on Community Reinvestment Act Ratings