News Release 2003-24 | March 21, 2003

OCC Makes Applications Easier for National Banks

WASHINGTON — The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) today announced a new national bank service simplifying the corporate application process. National banks using the new "e-Corp" system can now electronically complete and submit branch and relocation applications to the OCC.

E-Corp applications use simple, interactive features making the submission of licensing applications easier. Applicants see only those questions needed to complete a particular application. Drop-down menus assist applicants with bank-specific information drawn from OCC databases. Hyperlinks connect users quickly and easily to all relevant licensing terms, laws and regulations, thereby reducing research efforts.

E-Corp performs an automatic review to ensure the document is complete before accepting the application. Applicants are prompted to answer missed or incomplete questions to ensure that the application process will not be unduly delayed. In addition, those with designated signature authority can sign and submit applications to the OCC on-line and e-Corp provides an immediate acknowledgment.

E-Corp represents the most significant change in licensing filings since the OCC started accepting applications. The service is one component of the agency’s continuing effort to eliminate unnecessary regulatory burden, simplify administrative processes, enhance communications, reduce paperwork, and take full advantage of e-government mandates.

The OCC conducted a five-month pilot of the e-Corp application process with a selected number of national banks before making the new service available to all national banks. E-Corp now is available on National Banknet, the OCC’s secure extranet website available exclusively to national banks.

The OCC plans to continue to expand the number of applications and notices available on e-Corp with new applications available every few months. The OCC goal is to have 90% of licensing applications available on e-Corp in the next three years.

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